The big question

its really difficult for youths nowadays to actually know their talents.most times we get confused of what to to choose when we are confronted with questions that has to do with what we actually want.

some may think that we have no visions or not focused in life.i personally get so confused because i will like to be a medical doctor so that i may save life,but at the same time i really want to be an hip hop star.i also would love to be a football star,but am currently stocked with petroleum engineering with lots of calculations.

i sometimes wonder if i am the only one that is this confused in life,wishing to be good in all the professions but not getting satisfied in any.i really wish God will show me the way because i am so dammed confused.oneĀ  thing i know is that i have faith in GOD AND I BELIEVE HE WILL SOME DAY COME TO MY RESCUE.UNWANA UDOH